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Satinet quilt cover with a hole and zipper closing for your perfect comfort and luxury feeling

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Satinet quilt cover with a hole and zipper closing for your perfect comfort and luxury feeling

Quilt cover for Holey Quilt®

Quilt covers Holey Cover™ do not have buttons on the sides, because the quilt with a hole Holey Quilt® goes into the quilt cover through the hole in the middle. Thanks to this, all sides of the quilt cover are sewn up and there is no need for any buttons.

It doesn’t matter which way you will cover yourself with your quilt, you will not have the buttons on your top side ever again.

No more putting off
of the quilt

The hole in the middle of Holey Cover™ holds the quilt still. It will never start to put off of the quilt cover, or gather together in one side. This guarantees you long, undisturbed sleep even when you change your sides often during night.

Easy zipper closing

Holey Cover™ Zipper™ is our new innovation which makes putting quilt covers on quilts much easier. You don’t have to waste your time with buttons as you can now unzipp your quilt covers as fast as you would unzipp your jacket.

The zippers used are made from soft material and covered by a layer of fabric, so you will not feel them during your sleep. Sleep with Holey Cover™ Zipper™ is comfortable and the quilt covers look truly elegant.

The Magic Lock™ system

If you will by any chance not get used to sleeping with Holey Quilt®, Holey Cover™ Zipper™ allows you to simply zipp the hole in the middle.

The zippers on Holey Cover™ Zipper ™ are designed in a way that it’s posible to either close it as Holey Quilt® or as a regular quilt without a hole. Great, right? That’s another reason to try quilt with a hole in the middle Holey Quilt® – you have got nothing to loose.

100% natural satinet

Quilt covers Holey Cover™ Zipper™ Satinet are made from luxury satinet – high quality combed cotton yarn.

Satinet is lighter and more pleasant on skin contact then cotton, what will surely delight every true sleep lover. Satinet is specifical by it’s decent shine, which brings more luxury and elegance into your bedroom.

Package contains

  • 1 quilt cover Holey Cover™ Zipper™ Satinet for quilt with a hole Holey Quilt®, size 140 x 200 cm
  • 1 satinet pillow case, size 90 x 70 cm

Washing Icons for Holey Cover Cotton

Care instructions and warranty

There is a standard 2-year warranty on all Holey Cover™ products. You have to follow the care instructions provided on the package and product itself to claim.

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Made in Slovakia

Products Holey Quilt® and Holey Cover™ are made in the heart of European Union, in Slovakia.




Zipper Closing


40°C (104°F), max. 600 spins

Quilt Cover Size

140 x 200 cm (55.1 x 78.7 inch)

Pillow Case Size

70 x 90 cm (27.6 x 35.4 inch)


With the hole