Expert medical assessment by Prof. MUDr. Michal Drobny, DrSc.

Owner of the Ludovit Stur Honour – for the upbringing of the young generation of doctors

After i have seen this product for the first time, I was amazed by the simplicity of this solutions to an old problem: people who are in stress, work in a hurry, under pressure waking up at night to cold back, which is normally followed by painful cramps and pain back muscles known as lumbago, sciatica, “hexenschuss” and the like, but also more serious pain, colicas theureters, bladder inflammation, but the most serious of them Kidney infections.

Awakening and interruptions in the continuity of night sleep untuned the whole of the vegetative nervous system, i.e. a system of visceral nerves regulating the movements of the stomach, intestines, urinary bladder, butals othe heart and bloodvessels. This simple, but genius idea, to produce open zip in the middle of the quilt, after practicing automatic ejection of one lower limbout through the opening, prevent the exposed back while lying on the side. Update requires a dominant pattern of sleep on the right or left side, is also suitable for sleeping on your back. Not suitable for people who sleep on their stomach, which is an absolute minority. But even in these cases, you can eject the back side through the hole in the quilt.

Training in the extended position of the knee through the center hole is a simple matter, but its impact on overall recovery circadian sleep-wake rhythm is evident and powerful. Peaceful overnight sleep is a prerequisite for the recovery of any somatic, nervous and mental disorders, particularly neurotic decompensation that result from business failures or unemployment, so common nowadays in Slovakia.

In addition, for the younger generation, the sexual aspect of this matter quilt wont be negligible and I suppose a hedonic effect on young couples, especially men, to the role which I also put yourself in the intimate area.

Cooling surface such as that of the knee helps people who overheat them-self due to reasons of endocrinological disorders, high arterial pressure, but even slightly higher temperatures at the beginning of cold or flu. Adequate cooling of the body helps to deal with high temperatures in infectious conditions, influenza, tonsillitis, pneumonia, and thelike. Such cooling should not be underestimated, because the physical evacuation of excessive heat will help antipyretics – aspirin, paracetamol and NSAIDs (such as Nurofen-STOPGRIP and other NSAIDs) in the fight against high temperature, which, if you cannot handle long, can cause in predisposed cases of epileptic seizures, seizures assymptoms of high fever-called febril econvulsions. These can, in a minority of cases, but still, go to chronic epilepsy – Epilepsy, which is particularly unpleasant circumstance with uncontrolled feverish conditions. From this perspective, interest in “gappyquilt” could also have members of the civic association Stella Spei who are associated within the Zilina region (Slovakia, Europe) and combines their shared of suffering epilepsy.

In addition, high temperatures denature protein and also the active proteins – enzymes. That fact undermines the biological natureofthehuman person, acceleratesaging – apoptosis, thus genetically programmed dying cells in the human body, the human brain, which can start a process of involution dementia, similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

Perfect well-being at home requires such release as provided Holey Quilt, quilt with hole made by Grasshopper Ltd.,which is apparently, but deceptively, trivial, but the more ingenious is feeling free with multiplies relaxation, relax of inside mental tension, relieves pain by relaxing the muscles and protects against rapid and brutal body cooling, which can provoke painful muscle spasms, especially to people who are treated with diuretics for high blood pressure (Furon, Moduretik, hydrochlorothiazide, and others).

Carbon fibers from which the quilt is constructed, are good electrical conductors, conducts heat well, especially redundant heat. Carbon is the 4th most abundant element in the universe, and hence is a natural substrate for the human body. If the quilt, among other things, is filled with vapor Aloe vera, we have another therapeutic component and the positive effect of Antioxidant substances, rejuvenating and the formation of an anticancer markers and free oxygen radicals.

I wish everyone who procures a quilt to enjoy the recovery that will bring them to enjoy the comfort and relaxation that they induce. This investment is reasonable and beneficial to your health, without the single pill with a foreign molecule in it, environmentally sound and thanks to the unique idea of the inventor, and what’s more,  it can help the medica ltreatment of high temperature, as unpleasant immunological mechanism, which can be most harmful.

Holey Quilt invention quilts with holes made by Grasshopper Ltd. I wish you success in the markets, and to this idea, Slovak award at highest level, because is secondary prevention of many human ailments, diseases and nervous-mental discomfort.

Prof. MUDr. Michal Drobny, DrSc.
Owner of the Ludovit Stur Honour – for the upbringing of the young generation of doctors

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