Quilt with a hole for children

For your comfort

Quilt with a hole in the middle is a simple, but revolutionary solution for everybody, who loves to sleep on the side and loves the pleasant feeling of a quilt in between their knees.

Holey Quilt Junior White

Holey Quilt Junior White

For your better sleep

The feeling of the quilt in between your legs is awesome, but the uncovered back does not let you enjoy the feeling to the fullest. Because of the hole in the middle of Holey Quilt®, your lower back will be covered even when you fall asleep with your quilt in between your legs. For people who sleep on the side, there is nothing more comfortable.

For your health

Good, deep sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, because it releases stress and boots energy. Holey Quilt® increases your comfort, lets you recharge and enables you to wake up fresh and relaxed.

Holey Quilt® is anti allergic and is suitable for people with allergies and asthma.

Holey Quilt Junior White

Holey Quilt Cotton

Who is the quilt for

Holey Quilt® Cotton is suitable especially for children, who sleep on the side and love the pleasant feeling of a quilt in between their knees.

The quilt is suitable for year-long use.

Package contains

  • 1 Holey Quilt® Junior, size 120 x 180 cm
  • 1 cotton pillow, size 90 x 70 cm (can, but doesn’t have to be included)

Holey Quilt Cotton

Washing Icons for Holey Quilt Cotton

Care instructions and warranty

There is a standard 2-year warranty on all Holey Quilt® products. You have to follow the care instructions provided on the package and product itself to claim.

Made in Slovakia

Products Holey Quilt® and Holey Cover™ are made in the heart of European Union, in Slovakia.

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