For everybody who wants to get rid of stress

Relieves stress

Carbon fibers built into the surface material of Holey Quilt® Carbon interrupt the negative electrostatic charge, which causes muscle strain, sleep disorders and stress.



Improves sleep quality

Special fabric with carbon fiber contributes to restful, relaxed and deep sleep, which is necessary for optimal inner well being and releasing stress abundance from the previous day.

Who is the quilt for

Holey Quilt® Carbon is suitable for people suffering from allergies, for people with increased physical and mental activity and for people who are under constant pressure and stress.

Holey Quilt® Carbon doesn’t cause any allergies and is suitable for year-long use.



Package contains

  • 1 Holey Quilt® Carbon, size 140 x 200 cm
  • 1 carbon pillow, size 90 x 70 cm

Care instructions and warranty

There is a standard 2-year warranty on all Holey Quilt® products. You have to follow the care instructions provided on the package and product itself to claim.

Washing Icons for Holey Quilt Carbon

Logo Slovenský výrobok - Podržme sa navzájom

Made in Slovakia

Products Holey Quilt® and Holey Cover™ are made in the heart of European Union, in Slovakia.

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