Holey Quilt

Can I wash my Holey Quilt?

Of course. Just wash it the same way you would wash any regular quilt.

Are the quilts and pillows anti allergic?

Yes, they are, don’t worry. Our quilts and pillows are made from high quality materials, which are soft and don’t cause allergic reactions.

What's the size of the Holey Quilt?

It’s 140 x 200 cm (55.1 x 78.7 inch).

We will produce specific sizes for specific markets, but we are not able to do that just yet. Sign up for our newsletter and we will inform you when more sizes are available.

Do you have Holey Quilts in kids sizes?

Nope, sorry. We don’t have kids sizes yet. Let us know you would like one. When we will see the demand is large, we will make them too.

I move a lot during sleep. Will I not stumble upon the hole all the time?

The hole is big enough and your unconscious will get used to it pretty quickly. You will not even realize it, but you will be easily able to change sides and switch your legs or knees.

What if I don't like my Holey Quilt?

It’s easy. Just put a regular quilt cover on your Holey Quilt and you can use it as a regular quilt. The hole in the middle will not bother you.

If you are not happy with this solution, you can just return it to us. We have our special 30-day hustle-free return policy. You will have to pay for the postage though.

Holey Covers

How can I put on the cover?

It’s very easy, you do it through the hole in the middle. What’s even better, because you put on the cover through the hole, there is no opening and no buttons on any side of the quilt.

So there are buttons in the hole? Does it not itch or claw?

No. The buttons are hidden inside, therefore you will not see them nor feel them. We know you want comfortable sleep.

Didn’t find an answer to your question?

Send us an email to hello@holeyquilt.com or call us on +421 948 101 585 (Slovakia, EU). Yep, we speak English.