Quilt with a hole Holey Quilt®

For everybody who sleeps with the quilt in between their knees

Do you do that too? Everytime, when you lie on your side, you put your quilt in between your knees?
Quilt with a hole Holey Quilt® has been made exactly for you.

The most comfortable sleep with Holey Quilt

Holey Quilt® the 2. best business idea of the year!

We recieved with our Holey Quilt® 2. place in a competition Ideas of the year 2014 held in September 2014 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Official results

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Holey Quilt® TV spot

Watch official promo video of the only quilt
with a hole for a leg, Holey Quilt®.

Holey Quilt® in real life

Watch this video describing what Holey Quilt® is and how exactly it works.

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Press coverage in Slovakia and Czech Republic

Juraj Kucka a jeho názor na Holey Quilt

“I used to wake up at night, because when I slept on a side my back was naked. Since I have this Holey Quilt I’m always covered. My sleep is better and more comfortable. I can only recommend this great invention!”
Juraj Kucka, Slovakian soccer representative

Deravý paplón Holey Quilt má už aj slovenská topmodelka Soňa Skoncová z Prievidze

“I’m looking forward to sleep with my new quilt, with which I will finally have my back covered and my leg ventilated. Great idea for people who like to sleep this way!”
Sona Skoncova, Slovakian top model

Paplón s dierou v Teleráne na TV Markíza

“I don’t have to unsew the quilt anymore, there is a hole already.”
Juraj Jakubisko, famous Slovakian movie producer on a TV show


Paplón s dierou na tn.nova.cz

“Revolution in the bed! Slovakian invention is a blockbuster”
tn.nova.cz, Czech TV Nova News

Deravý paplón na HNonline.sk

“Slovaks invented revolutionary quilt. With a hole”
HNonline.sk, Slovakian business magazine


“Revolutionary invention by Slovaks. They are written about even in the overseas”
TVnoviny.sk, Slovakian TV Markiza News


Deravý paplón na Glanc.sk

“Revolutionary invention by Slovaks: Quilt with a hole is selling like hot cakes”
Glanc.sk, Style magazine for women

Holey Quilt na STV v programe Dámsky klub

“Quilt with a hole, great for warm summer nights.”
Girls club, Slovak national television

Deravý paplón na DOBA.sk

“Quilt with a hole? Revolutionary invention, which comes from Slovakia.”
DOBA.sk, Slovakian style magazine

What do you think?

Unexpected success

Brilliant ideas are the simplest ones. A simple hole turned a regular quilt into “superquilt”.

Honestly, we didn’t expect this small simple idea to be that successful. People tend to like our idea and they are enthusiastic. What’s even better, ones they try Holey Quilt® they are enthusiastic even more. Look at some of their reactions.

Hello. I’m glad I’ve bought your quilt with a hole. I sleep great since then. Thanks.
I used to wake up at night, because my lower back was uncovered. Since I have holeyquilt, I’m always covered. Thanks for the idea.
I’ve bought holeyquilt to my husband. I couldn’t watch him tossing and turning all night long. He laughed at me first, but then he realized that he slept better ;)
My first reaction was a smile. Later, when my friends confirmed that it worked, I ordered your funny quilt and I don’t even wanna see the old one;) simply new one instead of the old one ;) great idea, how a hole can change old habits. Thanks a lot.
I was really curious about the closing, because the buttons on regular quilts bother me a lot. I always had to turn it over, so the buttons were at the bottom. Holey quilt elegantly solved this and I even sleep healthy now… Good purchase.
Such crazy idea for a quilt with a hole and so beneficial. I cannot stay without my one. Thank you and wish you all the best!
My girlfriend doesn’t let me use my Holey Quilt. She wants it every night!
I have bought Holey Quilt for my husband, who is extremely satisfied.

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Made in Slovakia

Products Holey Quilt® and Holey Cover™ are made in the heart of European Union, in Slovakia.

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